Make up English-Russian pairs of the words and word-combinations equivalent in meaning

approach a научный руководитель
branch b подход
department c исследовательская группа
doctoral candidate d обучаться в аспирантуре
research e заканчивать
research team f защищать диссертацию
scientific supervisor (advisor) g быть прикрепленным к
survey h получать
to be attached to i опубликовать
to be engaged in j заниматься ч-л
to be through with k заканчивать учебное заведение
to collaborate l встречать(ся)
to conduct m участвовать
to cope with n иметь дело
to deal with o поддерживать
to defend a thesis (dissertation) p получать практический опыт
to encounter q (научное) исследование
to encourage r сотрудничать
to gain practical experience s кафедра
to graduate from t соискатель
to involve u отрасль
to obtain v проводить
to participate w вовлекать
to provide with x обзор
to publish y справляться
to take post-graduate courses z обеспечивать

Match the definitions below with the words in the list.

hypothesis a idea; opinion
investigation b something to be talked or written about or studied
notion c investigation undertaken in order to discover new facts, get additional information, etc.
object d idea, suggestions, put forward as a starting point for reasoning or explanation
proof e topic, subject of a table or a piece of writing
purpose f evidence that is sufficient to show that smth. is a fact, etc.
reference g note, direction, etc. telling where certain information may be found
research h a careful study of something
subject i that which one means to do, get, be, etc.
theme j person or thing to which action or feeling or thought is directed
thesis k statement or theory (to be) put forward and supported by arguments, submitted (as part of the requirements) for a university degree

Complete the collocates below by matching a word from A with a word from B. Some can combine with more than one word.

Example: scientific research, supervisor, degree

A valuable creative B approaches application
doctoral fundamental cooperation ability
obtained modern prospects survey
wide professional data experience
practical intellectual information candidate
close subject-matter oriented activity importance
innovative career research
extensive results

In each of the following sentences substitute the word in italics with a word in the list below which makes the least change to the meaning of the sentence.

The format of the research paper is designed to shed as much light as possible on how the research was conducted. It is assumed that the researcher is an ethical person who is impartial and is trying to find accurate information. Sometimes researchers conduct studies to test hypothesis; in other cases, they want to get more information about particular topics or problems. In all cases, however, researchers have a moral obligation to be as honest as possible and to present their findings as accurately as they can. They also must respect the privacy and dignity of any informants who participate in their research projects.

duty take part issues verify outcomes
supposed intended precise carried out moral

Fill in the gaps with the words taken from the text below.

include data allow appropriate researcher analysis
signification ways explanation interpret charts

The researcher should always try to find 1__ ways of presenting the 2__ and findings, often these include tables, 3__ and quotations – all of which 4__ readers to see for themselves what the 5__ found. The important thing here is “Show, don’t tell”. The finding section should also 6__ a discussion of the data 7__ and the researcher’s 8__ of the data’s 9__ . That is, the researcher must 10__ his or her findings for readers in 11__ they can understand.