Student A’s diary page

July week 30
Monday Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 Thursday Friday
train to London (08.50)
works meeting dentist (09.05) meeting with F. Keiso
drive to plant DTI safety committees
lunch with Will Hatton lunch with trainees seminar at Ruscome (13.30-18.00) meeting with PGA Group
train home (14.35)
return to HQ presentation for Peter
dinner with participants


H 13. Look back at the phone call in Exercise 3. Write a short e-mail from Michelle to Peter to confirm the arrangement. Use these phrases:

Thank you for agreeing to a meeting to discuss…

This is to confirm the time and date of our meeting…

We will meet in … at… on…

I look forward to seeing you.

H 14. Now write another e-mail confirming one of the arrangements you made in Exercise 12.

Part 5. Making Hotel Reservations


1. Say these dates in English:

1. 10/09/02 2. 24/03/03 3. 01/11/09 4. 14/07/87 5. 15/04/10 6. 05/01/98 7. 31/12/85 8. 17/05/03 9. 26/08/07 10. 17/06/08 11. 03/02/10 12. 12/10/05

2. Which expressions do we use with in, at or on?

_____ the weekend _____Wednesday _____the summer _____the afternoon _____12.30 ______December ______4 a. m. ______1991 ______ 06/05/98 ______ the Independence Day ______5 p. m. ______Christmas ______July ______2009 ______Friday


Read this call. Then complete the table.

person who will stay at the hotel
hotel location
hotel name
booking dates
number of nights booked
type of the room
A The Grand Hotel. Good afternoon. May I help you?
B I’d like to make a reservation for six nights next week for Mr Scott of Japan Electronics, please.
A Certainly. What days will he be staying?
B He’ll be arriving in New York on Monday April 16 and leaving on Sunday April 22.
A And what kind of room would you like to book?
B I’d like a single room with a bath, please.
A A single with a bath … yes, that’s no problem.
B Could you tell me the price?
A That’s ₤ 44.50 per room per night, including full English breakfast and VAT.
B All right.
A Could I have the name again, please?
B Yes, it’s for Mr Scott of Japan Electronics.
A That’s fine. Thank you for calling the Grand Hotel. We’ll be expecting Mr Scott on Thursday then.

Look at the underlined phrases in the phone call in Exercise 3 and guess their meaning. Check with your teacher or a dictionary.

Work in pairs. Read the phone call in Exercise 3 aloud (Student A – you are in a good mood, Student B – you are somewhat sad and in a hurry because you have a lot to do). Take turns to be A and B.

H 6. Act out the call in Exercise 3. Remember to change names and some details.